About the Center for the Care of Creation

the Center for care of creation exists to promote a deep appreciation of creation among Christian congregations by bringing the biblical theology to bear on cultural issues related to our life in care for creation so that congregations can better engage their communities for the sake of the Gospel and for the new creation


environmental issues polarize society when viewed primarily in terms of politics and public policies. One side is seen as caring for the earth at the expense of humans; the other as presuming human interests at the expense of the earth. One basic question lies behind every environmental issue: how do we view creation and our place within it? Questions may not see how their spiritual life relates to environmental issues. As a result, seminaries and congregations have not always sought to integrate themselves into the life and conversations of the larger surrounding community


the CCC is developing a caring for creation initiative to help churches reflect on the relationship with creation, to embrace life within creation, and to empower them to become involved in caring for all of gods creation. As result, congregations will see the story of the gospel more richly, the light in the wider community of human and nonhuman creatures, and identify and identify various ways to live a flourishing life with God and creation


the CCC claims to help Christian people in their local communities see themselves as creatures and understand their roles within creation. In the process, an increasing number of congregational members will see that their life as the people of God extends to their community and to the wider creation


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Special Thanks

A special thanks goes to the InFaith Community Foundation for its generous grant to the Center for the Care of Creation at Concordia Seminary. Without their support, this project would not have been possible.