ConcordiaTheology.org is a space where theology happens, where theological thinking intersects current events, contemporary cultures, and global society.

ConcordiaTheology.org also provides a range of resources to support pastors and congregations in their preaching, teaching, and ministry within their communities.

As a resource of the faculty of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, the theology that happens on ConcordiaTheology.org comes out of the confessional Lutheran Christian tradition. In the best of that tradition, it provides a forum for open conversation between perspectives within that tradition, as well as other religious and theological perspectives, to cultivate a vigorous life of the mind in service to the Gospel.

ConcordiaTheology.org invites you to join the conversation. The “opinions” you find here are not Concordia Seminary’s. They are not those of the Seminary’s church body, The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. They belong to nobody except the one who expresses them. That means the “opinions” you find here will stand or fall on their own merits, and on the ability of the one who gives them.

That is as it should be in a community of conversation and dialogue. ConcordiaTheology.org expects the theological conversation that happens here to be civil, respectful, and constructive. It is expected that comments will stay on-topic. And for the sake of good order, the editors expect you to use your real name (the one your mother gave you) to take part in the conversation. It has been our consistent experience that pseudonyms and anonymity undermine both authentic conversation and good theology.

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ConcordiaTheology.org is one of many theological resources the faculty of Concordia Seminary provides to Church and world. These resources include the quarterly publication Concordia Journal, the Concordia Seminary Press, and the Seminary’s digital archive, scholar.csl.edu.

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