The Curriculum

An 8-week Bible study on the Care of Creation from the creature’s perspective.

This Bible study provides you with everything you need to lead a study on the care of creation. Whether you're a pastor, teacher, lay minister or a junior in high school - the following materials can be adapted for your group.

Leader's Guide!

The Leader's Guide gives you the background and guidance you need to ensure your class is a success. (You'll definitely want to read it first.)

The Leader's Guide


Week 2: Recognizing our Place in the Biblical Narrative

Week 3: Recognizing our Dependence on Creation Part I

Week 4: Recognizing our Dependence on Creation Part II

Week 5: Recognizing our Responsibility to Creation Part I

Week 6: Recognizing our Responsibility to Creation Part II

Week 7: Caring for Creation as an Individual

Week 8: Caring for Creation as a Community of Believers

Together with All Creatures

By Dr. Charles P. Arand and Reverend Jason E. Broge

Videos directed, and produced by George Carstensen, Matthew C. Kobs, and Jason E. Broge

Design by Reverend George Carstensen

Copyright © 2020 The Center for the Care of Creation at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis


Soli Deo Gloria


Many people have helped contribute to this project to whom we owe many thanks: Rev. George Carstensen and Rev. Matthew Kobs, Mr. Dale Ward, Ms. Shannon Wiseman for their work on the videos—both photographing them and editing them; and Dr. Paul Raabe for proofreading the text. Rev. George Carstensen for his layout and design of the Bible Study.

We also express our gratitude to the congregations of Salem Lutheran Church in Afton, MO, Our Savior in Carbondale, Ill, and Webster Gardens Lutheran Church in St. Louis for field testing earlier versions of this Bible study and for their helpful feedback.

Finally, a special thanks goes to the InFaith Community Foundation for its generous grant to the Center for the Care of Creation at Concordia Seminary. Without their support, this project would not have been possible.