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Articles by Kent Burreson

Proper 24 • Luke 18:1–8 • October 16, 2016
October 4, 2016 – 8:45 am | No Comment

By Kent Burreson
The Persistent Church and the Long-suffering Lord
O Spirit, who didst once restore
Thy Church that it might be again
The bringer of good news to men,
Breathe on Thy cloven Church once more,
That in these …

Palm Sunday • Luke 22:1–23:56 • March 20, 2016
March 8, 2016 – 9:00 am | No Comment

By Kent Burreson
Passing from one divine feast to another,
from palms and branches,
let us now make haste, O faithful,
to the solemn and saving celebration of Christ’s passion
Let us behold him undergo voluntary suffering for our sake,
And …

Pentecost • Acts 2:1–21 • May 24, 2015
May 14, 2015 – 10:00 am | No Comment

By Kent Burreson
The Feast Day of Pentecost is the fiftieth day of the Easter season, the eighth day beyond the seven weeks of seven days. It is the culmination of the joyous, uninterrupted feast of the resurrection …

Proper 21 • Ezekiel 18:1–4, 25–32 • September 28, 2014
September 16, 2014 – 9:00 am | 2 Comments

By Kent Burreson
The Just Way of God
“The fathers have eaten sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge.” This phrase leads Yahweh through Ezekiel to address Israel’s whining as they blame Yahweh for their woe and …

All Saints’ Day • 1 John 3:1–3 • November 3, 2013
October 22, 2013 – 7:00 am | No Comment

By Kent Burreson
Looking Forward to the Family Reunion
Certain feast days in the church calendar have a decidedly baptismal focus: Epiphany, the Baptism of our Lord, the Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday, Pentecost, the Presentation of …

The Preacher’s Studio: Kent Burreson
March 20, 2013 – 10:10 am | No Comment
The Preacher’s Studio: Kent Burreson

Preacher’s Studio is a chance to take a step back and talk about the art and craft of preaching. Today’s preacher: KENT BURRESON, on preaching JOHN 13:16-38.

A People Called to Love: Christian Charity in North American Society
September 17, 2012 – 1:26 pm | No Comment
A People Called to Love: Christian Charity in North American Society

A Bible study to enable Christians to reflect on and live out their daily vocations for the good of the public square and for the life of the world. Free, downloadable videos, Bible studies, and leader essays all available here.

Proper 9 • Ezekiel 2:1–5 • July 8, 2012
June 26, 2012 – 7:00 am | No Comment

“Thus says the Lord God” (Ez 2:4). Notice what is missing? (Ex 3:13–15; Ex 20:2) The Lord Yahweh does not identify himself as the God of Israel, “your God.” What the Lord will say through …

Bach’s Oratorio on a Sunday Morning
January 4, 2012 – 8:51 am | 3 Comments
Bach’s Oratorio on a Sunday Morning

Should we fear that high art, like the music of Bach, might die within the church?

Reformation Day • Matthew 11:12–19 • October 30, 2011
August 6, 2011 – 12:30 pm | No Comment

By Kent Burreson
What have you come here to see? (Mt 11:7–9). This is one of the questions Jesus puts to the crowds at this turning point in Matthew’s Gospel as opposition to Jesus grows. Perhaps more …