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Articles by Timothy Dost

The Resurrection of Our Lord • John 20:1–18 • March 27, 2016
March 15, 2016 – 9:00 am | No Comment

By Timothy Dost
Mary Magdalene as Determined Eyewitness
Here we have John’s account of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, the report of Mary Magdalene, and the response of Peter’s and John’s and Mary’s subsequent conversations with …

Proper 10 • Ephesians 1:3–16 • July 12, 2015
June 30, 2015 – 9:05 am | No Comment

By Timothy Dost
Here is a passage of great comfort that is a blessing and help in times of hardship and times of plenty. Paul thoroughly grounds the promises of predestination to salvation in the gospel of Jesus Christ and …

Proper 20 • Ezekiel 34:11–16; 20–24 • November 23, 2014
November 11, 2014 – 10:00 am | No Comment

By Timothy Dost
God Protects and Heals His Flock
When faced with the fall of Jerusalem, Ezekiel describes the judgment on those shepherds responsible and the reasons for the fall. In our passage he declares that God will provide …

Epiphany 5 • Isaiah 58:3–9a • February 9, 2014
February 4, 2014 – 2:21 pm | No Comment

Who is Really Deceived by our Apparent Goodness?
Isaiah makes the case that it is not through empty externals that we please God, but with the sacrifice of our priorities for the needs of others. Here …

Holy Trinity • Acts 2:14a; 22–36 • May 26, 2013
May 14, 2013 – 11:24 am | No Comment

By Timothy Dost
Acts chapter two presents us with the contrast between our own self-righteousness and the righteousness of Christ. It shows clearly our need to repent and the Savior who still lives as King to …

Proper 11 • Jeremiah 23:1–6 • July 22, 2012
July 10, 2012 – 7:00 am | No Comment

By Timothy Dost
Jeremiah 23:1–6 presents a challenge to the preacher of appearing to be too narrow in scope in terms of the law to be useful to the congregation. The lament of Jeremiah, while directed …

Impressions of an Impressionist: Claude Monet at SLAM
November 2, 2011 – 2:30 pm | No Comment
Impressions of an Impressionist: Claude Monet at SLAM

For the first time in decades, the three panels of Claude Monet’s masterful Agapanthus triptych are together at the St. Louis Art Museum and the exhibition is striking.

Proper 23 • Matthew 22:1–14 • October 9, 2011
August 3, 2011 – 12:30 pm | No Comment

By Timothy Dost
The Parable of the Great Banquet
This text can be challenging because it not only presents the issues of the place of God’s work and our own works in the lives of believers, and the …

Proper 20 • Amos 8:4–7 • September 19, 2010
August 20, 2010 – 2:05 pm | No Comment

by Tim Dost
Preachers who take up this text take up a daunting task, especially if they wish to proclaim the gospel and not simply generate a diatribe based on the law. The paral- lels to …

Proper 28 · Mark 13:1-10 · November 15, 2009
November 15, 2009 – 11:22 am | No Comment

By Timothy P. Dost
In this text Jesus encourages his disciples—and us—to look not to present things, no matter how externally impressive, but rather to find our hope in Christ, who has sent his Holy Spirit …