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Articles by Jeffrey Gibbs

Preaching Matthew
November 17, 2016 – 10:21 am | 11 Comments
Preaching Matthew

Jeff Gibbs on how to preach the Gospel of Matthew during the upcoming church year (Series A).

Easter 5 • John 16:12–22 • April 24, 2016
April 12, 2016 – 9:00 am | No Comment

By Jeff Gibbs
This lection from John 16 shows how important it is to first interpret what a text meant before one can take in hand the question of what it means. These words of Jesus …

The Myth of “Righteous Anger”
October 20, 2015 – 8:02 am | 8 Comments
The Myth of “Righteous Anger”

Does the phrase “pro-life” simply mean “Republican” and “angry”?

The Myth of “Righteous Anger”: What the Bible Says About Human Anger
October 19, 2015 – 2:48 pm | 68 Comments
The Myth of “Righteous Anger”: What the Bible Says About Human Anger

This essay, by Jeff Gibbs, aims to describe what the Bible actually says about human anger, offering some personal and pastoral reflections on how to deal with it.

Save Your Outrage – Do Something Positive Instead
July 23, 2015 – 3:44 pm | 10 Comments
Save Your Outrage – Do Something Positive Instead

Planned Parenthood, the law of the land, and Christian response

Proper 11 • Ephesians 2:11–22 • July 19, 2015
July 7, 2015 – 9:05 am | No Comment

By Jeff Gibbs
I say to my students with some regularity, “Careful exegesis often makes the text harder to preach.” What I mean, of course, is that the concerns of a particular text of Scripture might not, at first …

Advent 3 • 1 Thessalonians 5:16–24 • December 14, 2014
December 2, 2014 – 9:00 am | One Comment

By Jeff Gibbs
It would be tempting to regard this text, a series of short imperative clauses, as a random series of “inspired one-liners” that exhort the Thessalonian believers (and us) to general Christian behaviors and attitudes. To …

Enduring With the Saints
March 4, 2014 – 8:00 am | One Comment
Enduring With the Saints

In some ways, it can be easy enough to be faithful.  Some people find it easy to be creative.  To bring the two together in worship, however, requires insight and skill that is hard to come …

Transfiguration of Our Lord • Exodus 24:8–18 • March 2, 2014
February 18, 2014 – 9:37 am | 4 Comments

This Old Testament reading for Transfiguration stands as the complement and climax of the covenant ceremony that begins in Exodus 19. In broadest strokes, the text illustrates what it means for the God of Israel, …

Advent 3 • Isaiah 35:1–10 • December 15, 2013
December 3, 2013 – 7:00 am | One Comment

Editor’s Note: The following homiletical help is adapted from Concordia Journal, October 1998.
By Jeffrey A. Gibbs
Textual observations: The historical situation at the time of Isaiah’s prophecy isimpossible to determine. Oppression by Assyria is one possible …