How Can I Find Older Issues of the Concordia Journal?

Available on are pdf copies of the most recent issues of the Concordia Journal. The full catalog of back issues of the Concordia Journal (1975-present), along with the indexed catalog of its predecessor Concordia Theological Monthly (1949-1974), are available online at AtlaSerials® (Atlas®)Atlas is an online full-text collection of major religion and theology journals used by libraries, librarians, scholars, theologians, clergy, and interested laypeople. Most seminary and theological school libraries have access to Atlas as part of their online database offerings.

Atlas offers every article of the Concordia Journal and Concordia Theological Monthly as a downloadable pdf, fully indexed and cited, and completely searchable by title, author, and keyword.

Alumni of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, can obtain a free account to the full Atlas database of over 325,000 records by contacting Public Services in the Concordia Seminary Library, at or 314-505-7030. Many other theological school libraries offer similar access to their own alumni.

Subscribers to the Concordia Journal also have free access to the Concordia Journal on Atlas through the subscriber log-in and password which is printed on page four (the page after the table of contents page) of each issue of the Concordia Journal.

For more information, to subscribe, or to order print copies of the Concordia Journal, please contact the editorial office at or 314-505-7117.

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  2. Darrin Sheek November 2, 2011

    When can we expect the back issues of Concordia Journal to be available on CDs?

  3. Matt Priem February 21, 2012

    Is there any other form of catalog for those of us in the field so we can search through past issues for articles relevant to whatever we happen to be studying?

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  5. Christina Stohs January 22, 2013

    I am looking for an article written by Andy Bartelt. It is in the Winter 2013 Concordia Journal. With excerpts from other end notes. This article is called “The office of ministry ; keeping our balance”. I really enjoyed this article and would sincerely appreciate an email pdf or anything you can provide. I have the journal but our scanner is not working right. Thanks for any help you can provide. God bless, cms

    • Travis Scholl January 23, 2013

      Thanks, Christina. A PDF of the Winter 2013 Concordia Journal will be available here next month (Feb 2013).

  6. Rev. Scott Schaller February 2, 2017

    Hi, I am looking for an article on rethinking word studies. I had a copy from the Concordia Journal when it was larger and gray. It was produced by a pastor who was well versed in Hebrew and warned about word studies as the all in all. Sorry my description in from memory.I attend St, Louis in 1996 to 2000. This article appeared a few years before my time there. Thanks Scott Schaller

  7. Kyle James Fittje July 3, 2020

    The Username and Password for Atlas does not seem to work for me.

    • Travis Scholl July 3, 2020

      Hey, Kyle. Thanks for the message, but sorry about the problem. Atlas did recently update their system (I believe it was last fall), which meant that they updated the subscriber log-in and password. So, make sure you’re using the information from the most recent issue. If you are using the alumni Atlas log-in, Donna Church in the library should be able to help. Email her at

      If the problem seems to be with Atlas itself, you can email them directly at

      If none of this helps, send me an email at, and I’ll see what I can do.


    • Kyle James Fittje July 3, 2020

      Thanks! I had the wrong password.

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