A People Called to Love: Christian Charity in North American Society

A People Called to Love: Christian Charity in North American Society

Lutheran theology is most often noted for its central focus on justification by faith alone. Thus, people might not automatically link Lutherans with social and political activism. And yet, Lutherans have been working in ministries for the wellbeing and healing of people all over the world, and for the good of life in the public square, for centuries. This project provides a study of how we might understand the role Christian people and communities play in daily life. It is a call to reflect on another hallmark of Lutheran theology, one that flows out of the theology of justification: life in daily vocation.

To accomplish this, “A People Called to Love” provides video interviews, Bible study guides, and essays for people to reflect on how the Christian life is lived out in our daily, public walks of life. Each session (eight in all) revolves around biblical and theological reflection on the topic, and an interview with a Christian who is living out that topic in daily life and work. The essays provide deeper background for every topic to prepare group leaders and for further study. “A People Called to Love” is geared for congregational Bible studies, small groups, and classrooms, and is available free of charge.

The videos, essays and Bible studies can be viewed or downloaded at the links below.

“A People Called to Love” is generously funded by Biblical Charity Continuing Education, part of the Biblical Charity Institute.

Sessions 1 & 2—The Christian’s Calling in the Political-Social Realm: Theological Reflection of the Lutheran Reformation
(Essay by Charles Arand)

Session 1: Charles Arand (Video / Bible Study questions)

Session 2: John Shimkus (VideoBible Study questions)


Sessions 3 & 4—Justice and Charity: How Christians Find Proper Responses to Social Questions and Social Needs
(Essay by Joel Biermann)

Session 3: Joel Biermann (VideoBible Study questions)

Session 4: Rodney Sippel (Video / Bible Study questions)


Sessions 5 & 6—Being a Charitable People: Can Christians Join with Others to Serve Their Neighbors?
(Essay by Joel Okamoto)

Sessions 5: Joel Okamoto (VideoBible Study questions)

Session 6: Gail Olsen (VideoBible Study questions)


Sessions 7 & 8—The Poor You Will Always Have With You: A Biblical View of People in Need
(Essay by Leo Sanchez)

Session 7: Leo Sanchez (Video / Bible Study questions)

Session 8: Lee Harden & Anne Silea (Video / Bible Study questions)

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