A Church of Missionaries

In Word and Work: An Intersection, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, President Emeritus Dr. Dale A. Meyer talks with Gary Thies, founder of Mission Central in Mapleton, Iowa. Mission Central is the largest mission network that provides support to The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) Office of International and National Mission. The organization raises millions of dollars every year to send and keep LCMS missionaries in the mission field. “I wasn’t trained by anybody but the Lord Jesus,” Thies says. “But somebody has got to wake people up. My calling is to wake people up. The majority of people on Sunday morning are dead asleep. We’ve got to wake people up to let them know the church is full of missionaries.”

You can download the episode in video (mp4) or audio (mp3) format at the Word and Work Scholar page: scholar.csl.edu/wordandwork/95/.

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