Meet the Professor: Dr. Vilson Scholz

Concordia Seminary Dean of Theological Research and Publication Dr. Erik Herrmann sits down with Dr. Vilson Scholz. Scholz, who is from São Leopoldo, RS, Brazil, is currently serving as a visiting professor of Exegetical Theology. His course load includes a hermeneutics class, “Interpreting and Communicating the Word,” a Greek lab and courses on Philippians, Luke and 2 Corinthians. Scholz is also writing a commentary on 2 Corinthians for Concordia Publishing House and it also was the subject of his dissertation. Scholz said he and his wife have settled into the campus community. “This is a very welcoming campus,” Scholz said. “People are so friendly. The theme for this year, “Sharing the Gospel—Sharing Our Lives,” I can testify that this is going on. They’re sharing the Gospel but people also are sharing their lives by being welcoming, being supportive and friendly. It’s great.” Before his current term as visiting professor at Concordia Seminary, which began in fall 2022, Scholz served as a translation consultant for United Bible Societies and a professor of biblical theology at Seminario Concordia and ULBRA (Lutheran University of Brazil). He previously served as a visiting professor at the Seminary from 1996-99. Learn more about Scholz.