Book Blurbs: David Peter, Organizing for Ministry and Mission

Concordia Seminary’s Dean of Theological Research and Publication Dr. Kevin Golden sits down with Professor of Practical Theology and Dean of Faculty Dr. David Peter about his recent book, Organizing for Ministry and Mission (Concordia Publishing House, 2022), in this Concordia Journal Book Blurbs segment. Peter said he wrote the book after hearing from pastors about their struggles with how to best organize their congregations and noticing a lack of resources available to help them. The book is intended as a resource for seminary students, pastors and lay/congregational leaders. “Organization is necessary,” Peter says in the video. “The way you organize is optional. But the fact that you need to organize is not optional. When I say ‘you,’ I mean pastor and lay people together need to do this to be the best stewards of the resources and the ministry and mission that God has given to them.” The book is available for purchase through Concordia Publishing House and Amazon.