Book Blurbs: James Brauer, Music: God’s Mysterious Gift

Concordia Seminary’s Dean of Theological Research and Publication Dr. Kevin Golden sits down with Professor Emeritus Dr. James Brauer about his recent book, Music: God’s Mysterious Gift (Wipf and Stock, 2023), in this Concordia Journal Book Blurbs segment. Brauer says he wrote the book for people who want to better understand what music does and why it should be used in the church. “[Music] comes from God,” he says, “And therefore [we] need to pay attention to it in a way that takes God into consideration. What did He want [us] to do with it?” Music, he says, is a divine gift from God. Music can help build up others in the same manner that a pastor does when he is preaching. “It’s the Word used by the Spirit that’s building up others,” Brauer says. “That’s the purpose and highest purpose that you can have for music.”

The book is available for purchase through Wipf and Stock and Amazon.