Seeing Is Not Believing: A Lenten Workshop

The videos are no longer viewable here, but download instructions are included at the bottom of this page.
The password is no longer needed.

Jim Voelz introduces the Gospel of Mark (part 1/2)

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Jim Voelz introduces the Gospel of Mark (part 2/2)

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Jim Voelz on Ash Wednesday (Mk 14:1-9)

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Jeff Gibbs on Lent 1 (Mk 14:26-31) and Lent 3 (Mk 14:43-52)

[jwplayer config=”CTPlayer_PsuedoHTTP” mediaid=”5689″]

Joel Biermann on Lent 2 (Mk 14:32-42) and Lent 5 (Mk 15:15-32)

[jwplayer config=”CTPlayer_PsuedoHTTP” mediaid=”5688″]

Chuck Arand on Lent 4 (Mk 14:53-72) and Good Friday (Mk 15:33-39)

[jwplayer config=”CTPlayer_PsuedoHTTP” mediaid=”5687″]

Kent Burreson on Maundy Thursday (Mk 14:12-26)

[jwplayer config=”CTPlayer_PsuedoHTTP” mediaid=”5644″]

Jim Voelz on Easter Sunday (Mk 16:1-8)

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Kent Burreson introduces the liturgical resources

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Click here to download a 480Mb ZIP file containing all nine of these videos.
They are encoded as MP4, which should play in most video players,
including iTunes and Windows Media Player.

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