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Telling God’s Story
May 23, 2014 – 9:00 am | No Comment

In conjunction with the Spring 2014 issue of Concordia Journal, here is David Schmitt’s opening plenary presentation at the 2013 Theological Symposium. The Symposium theme was “From the Creation to the New Creation: Seeing All Things in Light of the Entire Story.”

You can download the video, along with videos of other Symposium plenaries and sectionals, on iTunes U.

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Proper 19 • Genesis 50:15–21 • September 14, 2014
September 2, 2014 – 9:00 am | No Comment

By Paul Philp
A lot has happened since Joseph’s brothers left him for dead in the desert. The brothers have been reunited with Joseph, and now their father, Jacob, has died. It is as if they are back in …

One reason conservatives should keep the estate tax
February 22, 2011 – 4:30 pm | No Comment

Over the holidays, a family friend pointed me to a guest op-ed in The New York Times. Being a lawyer, he schooled me on how the column’s advocacy (by Chicago economist Richard Thaler) of radically al

Msafiri: African Lutheran Seminaries
February 19, 2011 – 8:09 am | No Comment
Msafiri: African Lutheran Seminaries

I was hoping there would be a handy reference resource someplace where I could look up basic information for the Lutheran seminaries on the continent. A sort of Lutheran seminary yellow pages.

Translating Offices in the New Testament
February 15, 2011 – 11:27 am | 3 Comments
Translating Offices in the New Testament

First in a series

Virtually a Confession
February 8, 2011 – 8:56 am | One Comment
Virtually a Confession

New media and your soul

Msafiri: Uganda
January 31, 2011 – 12:18 am | No Comment
Msafiri: Uganda

Lira is not a big town, not an important place by most measures. It’s not on the way to anywhere most people want to go (though a signpost in town points to Juba, well to …

Purely Academic?
January 20, 2011 – 1:51 pm | One Comment
Purely Academic?

I like crossword puzzles. I do a couple (or more) each day. That doesn’t mean I’ve mastered them. Usually I don’t get far on Thursday’s NY Times crossword in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Recently I came across a clue and answer that made me stop and think about academics, theology and preaching….

Tucson and Port-au-Prince: thinking about words, images, and violence
January 13, 2011 – 9:26 pm | One Comment
Tucson and Port-au-Prince: thinking about words, images, and violence

WILL WE? (Photo credit: Jim Wilson/The New York Times) A stunningly violent shooting in Tucson, Arizona, and we are talking again about violence and violent images. And the war of words has begun. I have to confess that I am frequently bewildered by the violent use of violent metaphors in our public speaking

Theological Symposium 2010
January 10, 2011 – 11:57 am | One Comment
Theological Symposium 2010

View video from “Scripture and the Church: Formative or Formality?” – the 2010 Theological Symposium at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.

Classic 99 is online and expanding
January 6, 2011 – 3:51 pm | One Comment
Classic 99 is online and expanding

As it happens, when Classic 99 went off the air in July 2010, it never died. continues to live stream its vast catalog of classical and sacred music online, just as it did when it broadcast on the FM dial. Matter of fact, I’m listening to it as I write this post, and I’m even hearing the familiar voices of former KFUO-FM announcers, now volunteers for the Internet station. And The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod has announced that the Synod’s Board of Directors voted to provide an additional $193,000 through at least mid-2012 “not only to continue but to improve the way it provides quality classical and sacred music to listeners via the Internet.” And, evidently, both the online station and its listener base are expanding.