John Nunes on “Where is God in Times of Tragedy?”

The LCMS’ own, and President of Lutheran World Relief, Rev. John Nunes was invited by to answer the question “Where is God in Times of Tragedy?” Here’s his answer: Cries of Suffering as Calls to Action.

We thought his answer was too good to not point out to you. His opening is as distinctively Lutheran as it is openly provocative, eschewing any attempt to concoct a theodicy of tragedy:

Life isn’t always good, beautiful or fair. But attempting to make sense of tragedies can be as difficult as it is dangerous. Pronouncements that connect the dots of cause and effect don’t help. Judging can lead to blind alleys of blaming victims….

Get the rest here to see where he goes from there.





One response to “John Nunes on “Where is God in Times of Tragedy?””

  1. Jerome (Jay) August De Beir Avatar

    The Church (as illustrated in the 3rd Article of the Apostle’s Creed), continues to be blessed by John’s insights, candor, and illustrations. As a Gen X church leader, I value his calling to our ministry in/at this time.

    Thank you Pastor Nunes, I value your good contribution to the Church.



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