The American Mind: Table of Contents

By request, here’s the table of contents for the essays you will find in The American Mind Meets the Mind of Christ. The book costs $14.99 and may be purchased at the Concordia Seminary bookstore,, and by contacting Theological Research and Publication at or 314-505-7117. Purchases of two or more copies directly from Concordia Seminary Press include free shipping.

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The American Mind Meets the Mind of Christ (Preface) . . . Robert Kolb

Health and Wealth

Living in the Land of Milk and Honey . . . Dale A. Meyer

The Good Life: Health, Fitness, and Bodily Welfare . . . R. Reed Lessing

Individualism and Community

Individualism as the Insistence on My Rights . . . Joel Biermann

Individualism, Indulgence and the Mind of Christ: Making Room for the Neighbor and the Father . . . Leopoldo A. Sánchez M.

Religion and Religiosity

Pluralism and Mix-and-Match Religion . . . Paul W. Robinson

American Mystic Spirituality . . . David R. Schmitt

Science and Culture

Science, Technology, and the American Mind . . . Joel P. Okamoto

Cinema and the American Mind . . . David I. Lewis


Media as a Source of Information and Identity . . . Anthony A. Cook

168 pages total.

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  1. Norman Teigen July 16, 2010

    Thanks for posting this information. I read the Table of Contents. I was, quite frankly, fearful of seeing some blatant right-wing political expression wrapped in the mantle of theology. I see no right-wing politics here so I will go ahead and buy the book.

    • Will Schumacher July 20, 2010

      The lack of “blatant right-wing political expression” is quite intentional, I think! In fact, I hope that our faculty might in the future collaborate to offer some fresh and serious theological reflection in the areas of political and economic life. But that is probably another book!
      In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the book and find it helpful.

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