Announcing a Latin e-mail discussion group on the Lutheran confessions

Confessionum Lutheranarum Studiosi, a new Latin e-mail discussion group on the Lutheran confessions, has recently been founded, and you are invited to join in the colloquium. Dr. Jon Bruss, Dr. Benjamin Mayes, and Seminarian Josh Hayes started this group to have a place where the confessions of our church could be discussed by those who are able to read them and discuss them in the Latin language, the language in which many of them were written and which still has so many theological treasures that have never been translated.

The two rules of the group are that the conversation is exclusively in Latin, and one does not correct anyone else’s Latin unless the writer wants to be corrected. Lurkers are welcome. The group also provides two additional web pages: one that gives aids for Latin conversation and composition, and another that lists Latin editions of the Book of Concord.

Check out the group and join here:





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