Msafiri: African Lutheran Seminaries

I’ve been involved in Africa my whole ministry, and I’ve been studying theological education in Africa seriously since 2006. I was hoping there would be a handy reference resource someplace where I could look up basic descriptions and contact information (address, emails, phone numbers, etc.) for the Lutheran seminaries on the continent. A sort of Lutheran seminary yellow pages.

As it turns out, it’s not that easy. So I’ve decided to start putting the information that I have been able to find all together in one place. At least the name should be easy to remember:

This is basically a tool for me, a kind of repository of some of my notes from research and travel, but I hope it will be helpful for others, too. I think some of my African colleagues will find it helpful, since in my experience they often face a much tougher challenge to “stay in touch” than those of us who are never fully unplugged from smart phone, email, internet, etc. And anyone who is interested in seminary education might find it interesting, maybe interesting enough to find ways of supporting these programs.

I hope you check it out, and I hope you can get connected to some of these seminaries. Because these are important places, dedicated to educating and forming faithful, competent pastors for Lutheran churches across a huge and fascinating continent.

The website, you will find, is more “blog” than “encyclopedia,” and that means it is hopelessly incomplete, tentative, and subjective. Others should chime in and correct, supplement, or comment on the information, and suggest other entries that need to be made. With enough collaboration, the information might eventually be collected into a more formal, permanent form later.

I’ll be delighted if you check it out; I’ll be encouraged and grateful if you are able to help make it better.





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