Only In Missouri

I’m not from Missourah, but I’m forced to live here. So in my peregrinations around the state I see a lot things that I never encountered in Chicago, New York, Detroit, or Cleveland. Missouri is best known, unfortunately, for meth labs, electing dead people to the U. S. Senate (and the occasional mayor), and hating cyclists (full disclosure: I do not receive any remuneration from the Missouri Bureau of Tourism). So it wasn’t surprising that on the drive with teammates to a bike race in the ghost town of Sedalia, we saw an odd church sign:

Turns out this is formerly the site of the Elvis is Alive Museum, which has now relocated to Elvis’ birthplace in Tupelo, MS. In the conversion of the building to a church, the huge cutout Elvis was kept, but the microphone was replaced with a cross. Stop for yourself, I-70 at the Wright City exit (199), about 40 miles west of Concordia Seminary. Sort of gives a whole new meaning to “take up your cross and follow me.” WWED — What Would Elvis Do?





3 responses to “Only In Missouri”

  1. Ryan Alvey Avatar
    Ryan Alvey

    Elvis couldn’t leave the building. Ok stupid comment. More importantly, how was the racing?

    1. Jeff Kloha Avatar
      Jeff Kloha

      Us old guys were working for the kids who want to cat up. So they got 2md and 5th, mission accomplished. Gateway Cup will hurt this weekend, though (hopefully only the legs!).

  2. Carl Deardoff Avatar
    Carl Deardoff

    I think it would have been fitting to name it the “Jesus is alive” Baptist Church…how has this church not been featured on Larry the Cable Guy History Channel show?

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