Super Bowl XLVI: America’s Holy Day

Tim Tebow won’t be there. But don’t be surprised if God makes an appearance this Sunday, because we are entering holy days.

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Super Bowl XLVI: America’s Holy Day





2 responses to “Super Bowl XLVI: America’s Holy Day”

  1. Jaime Nava Avatar
    Jaime Nava

    You know, Travis, I was thinking along the same lines. Not only the ritual of what’s going on via the tube but what also happens among family and friends before, during, and after the game. I wonder if someone is wearing their lucky (because it hasn’t been washed) jersey or if there is a chair for the family patriarch or matriarch. It seems as much as we hate to admit it, by our DNA, we are creatures of ritual.

    I especially liked the “denomination” byte at the end. Nice article.

    1. Travis Scholl Avatar
      Travis Scholl

      Thanks, Jaime. I think you’re right on about all the ritual aspects of the event. I think that when we look at a lot of what goes on in culture through the lens of “ritual” a lot more of what “we” do makes more sense.

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