Finding Concordia Seminary

Diane Meyer, the “First Lady” of Concordia Seminary, snapped some photos of the new exit signs on I-64 (or “Highway 40” if you’re from St. Louis). Seminary seal and all; hopefully we won’t cause any accidents while people try to figure out the Latin and the Greek, especially since the accents aren’t present on the seal, there isn’t an obvious space between the article and the noun: Ἄνωθεν τὸ φῶς!

Go ahead and start adding your jokes: Should it have said “NEXT LEFT”? Maybe “STRAIGHT AHEAD”? Or “ONE WAY”? Ha, ha.





4 responses to “Finding Concordia Seminary”

  1. Travis Scholl Avatar
    Travis Scholl

    “Concordia Seminary…SLIPPERY WHEN WET.” Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

    “Concordia Seminary…DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS.” That’s better.

  2. Erik Herrmann Avatar
    Erik Herrmann

    “Concordia Seminary … MEN (and a few women) AT WORK”

  3. George Carstensen Avatar
    George Carstensen

    Yahoo for using the seal.

    1. Will Schumacher Avatar
      Will Schumacher

      I only wish we could have done the animated seal for the road sign!

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