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Dr. Jim Voelz is our resident expert on, well, everything, but especially the Gospel according to Mark. He is currently writing the Concordia Commentary on Mark, with the first volume (Intro, 1:1-8:26) submitted to the editors and due out in the next year. He has also been popping up in a few places lately to talk about this gospel. Typically, authors do these sorts of interviews after their book is published, but since the current year in the Lutheran Service Book lectionary focuses on Mark, now is the time that everyone wants to hear about Mark.

If you want to know why “Just as he said” is not just a toss-off line in Mark’s gospel, listen to some of these recent online resources from Dr. Voelz:

Sermon preached at Concordia Seminary on April 10, on Mark 16:1-8.

Interview recorded on the liturgical feast of St. Mark (ironic, isn’t it, that the Gospel reading appointed for that day was not written by St. Mark?).

A link to his weekly Bible study on Mark at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Des Peres, MO.






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