“From Sea to Shining Sea: A Christians’ Perspective on America and its Politics”

While polite conversation carefully avoids discussions of religion or politics, both will be center stage as we explore the complexities of being Christian in America.  There is much to consider:

What’s the proper relation and separation of “church and state”?

Can any political party (Democrat, Republican, or Tea) claim a Christian mantle?

How involved should a Christian be in the political system?

Is America God’s chosen nation?

What does God really think of politics?

These and many more pertinent questions will be answered using the dynamic and ever-relevant insights of Martin Luther and his heirs.  Exploiting the great reformer’s legacy, the distinction between the two realms will provide a powerful tool for simplifying what often seems quite complicated, and for unraveling what can become unnecessarily confused.  Participants are urged to come with questions, and will return to their lives better equipped for the work of living faithfully as Christian citizens of America.

This series of studies was offered on campus as part of Concordia Seminary’s “Lay Bible Institute” in October, 2011. The video files are now available.





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