John Nunes on preaching in the midst of suffering

[youtube fUuR_cke8nY nolink]

Another tune-up for the upcoming Theological Symposium, September 18-19. This time it’s John Nunes, president and CEO of Lutheran World Relief. The brief clip above does not deal directly with Dr. Nunes’ topic for the Symposium, but does get at some of the peripheral issues related to justice and suffering, and how they are addressed from the pulpit. Video courtesy of (Luther Seminary).

John Arthur Nunes is one of the featured plenary and sectional speakers at Concordia Seminary’s 2012 Theological Symposium, entitled “Doing Justice: The Church’s Faith in Action.” For more information on the Symposium and to register, click here, or contact Linda Nehring at [email protected] or 314-505-7486. You can also register online for the Symposium.

Also note: registrants to the Symposium will receive a gratis copy of the book A Cup of Cold Water: A Look at Biblical Charity, edited by Robert Rosin and Charles Arand.





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