2012 Theological Symposium: Doing Justice

2012 Theological Symposium“Doing Justice: The Church’s Faith in Action” was the title of the 23rd Annual Theological Symposium, held Sept. 18-19, 2012, on the campus of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. The keynote lecture was delivered by renowned expert in legal history and religious liberty, John Witte, Jr. The main presenters for the event were John Nunes, Kathryn Galchutt, Bernhard Seter, and Mark Junkans. Erik Herrmann and Leopoldo Sánchez provided faculty responses. Sectional presenters included Janice Staral, Charles Froh, Luke Kammrath, Scott Eberlein, Charles Arand, David Lewis, Paul Robinson, and Bruce Hartung.

Also recently announced is the 2013 Theological Symposium, to be held September 24-25, 2013, on the theme of “From the Creation to the New Creation: Seeing All Things in Light of the Entire Story.” For more information, click here.

How is justice done? How does the church’s proclamation of God’s reign in peace and justice relate to its efforts to live justly now in our broken world? At what level does the church engage the complex and systemic problems of poverty, injustice, greed, violence, and disaster that cause so much human tragedy? The 2012 Symposium answered these questions by discussing various models of justice that Lutherans have been reflecting on theologically, advocating for, and deploying in the U.S. and abroad in order to put the church’s faith into action and make things right for the sake of suffering neighbors.

Videos from the 2012 Symposium can be viewed below, or can be downloaded via iTunes U.

"Is Preaching Justification Enough?"
Charles Arand

"Paradoxical and Doxological Dimensions" (plenary) (slides)
John A. Nunes

"Lutherans and Justice: A History of Quietism or Activism?"
Kathryn Galchutt

"Justice as Aid" (plenary)
Bernhard Seter

"Justice as Aid" (sectional)
Bernhard Seter

"Justice as Proclamation" (plenary)
Mark Jungkans

"Catholic Social Teaching"
Janice Staral

"Reaching and Restoring the City of God" (sectional) (slides)
Mark Jungkans

"Connecting the Dots" (sectional)
John A. Nunes

"Freedom of a Christian: Lutheran Contributions to Human Dignity, Human Rights, and Social Justice"
John Witte, Jr.

"A Journey to Understanding Biblical Charity" (slides)
Charles Froh

"Justice as Welcome" (slides)
Kurt Crays

"Toward a Theology of Justice"
Erik Herrmann

"Toward a Theology of Justice"
Leopoldo Sanchez





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