FAQ #5 on Luther’s Two Kinds of Righteousness

Martin Luther wearing his favorite hatFor a general overview of this video series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), click here for an introduction to Luther’s concept of the two kinds of righteousness and its biblical basis.

How did the Distinction of Two Kinds of Righteousness Get Revived in Our Circles?





2 responses to “FAQ #5 on Luther’s Two Kinds of Righteousness”

  1. Jaime Nava on Facebook Avatar

    Is 2KR gaining ground over the Distinction of Law and Gospel?

    1. Don Avatar

      No 2KR is not replacing Law and Gospel but helping us to live it out. Twice in the discussion they tried to say that we distinguish Law and Gospel in what God says to us. This is the direction of proclamation from God to man. When we start to talk about how we live in righteousness (man to God or neighbor) we must confess that we have a passive righteousness that is given to us for Christ sake which justifies us before the Father, yet we also live before our neighbor in an active righteousness which is not perfect and leans heavily on mercy. There is still some debate if we can call our primary encouragement toward active righteousness the third use of the law of the second use of the Gospel. I still don’t know what to think of that.

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