FAQ #6 on Luther’s Two Kinds of Righteousness

Martin Luther wearing his favorite hatFor a general overview of this video series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), click here for an introduction to Luther’s concept of the two kinds of righteousness and its biblical basis.

How Can Parish Pastors Make Use of the Distinction of Two Kinds of Righteousness?






One response to “FAQ #6 on Luther’s Two Kinds of Righteousness”

  1. Mathew Andersen Avatar
    Mathew Andersen

    I’m confused about why this is seen as such a hot topic. Granted, the term “two kinds of righteousness” is fairly unusual. But in 25 years of ministry I have never met a pastor who did not distinguish between the righteousness of grace God and the call to serve our fellow man and to care for the creation God made. Frankly, these six videos sound kind of like professors who are way out of touch with what actually goes on in the parish. For such professors, yeah, this paradigm might be a new idea. But for us pastors it’s pretty much common knowledge.

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