Get Closer to Your DMin with Continuing Education

Jim Voelz
Learn from the masters, like Jim Voelz.

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program is now more accessible, affordable, and flexible than ever. Pastors and chaplains can earn DMin credits by wrapping additional assignments around Continuing Education (CE) experiences in one of four concentrations: Military Chaplaincy, Homiletics, Missional Leadership, and General Pastoral Ministry.

Residential classes are scheduled in either the fall/winter or spring/summer terms with 5 days on campus in January or June, but students may complete their program through a combination of residential, wraparound, and online courses, independent studies, or by credit  transfer. During each term, the pre-residential time will focus on reading coursework, with writing assignments undertaken in the post-residential phase.

The fall/winter term features courses specifically focused on Military Chaplaincy and General Pastoral Ministry. Spring/summer focuses on Missional Leadership and Homiletics. Featured in the coming year will be an opportunity for students to earn as many as 6 credits through the completion of two installments of a course to be taught online by Dr. James Voelz entitled “Mark for Preaching and Teaching.”

Mark is the featured Gospel in Series B of the lectionary, which will begin with Advent 2014. Beginning in September, Dr. Voelz, author of Mark 1:1–8:26 for the Concordia Commentary Series, will teach a weekly online course that focuses on the lessons from Mark that are assigned to Series B. Assignments will include the writing of sermons. The course can be repeated in spring/summer and will focus on lessons assigned to Series B in the later seasons of the year.

It is not too late to apply to the program and take Mark this fall. Applications need to be completed by July.

Visit our website at to find out more. Or, contact Rev. Dr. Wally Becker, Director of the Doctor of Ministry office, at [email protected] or 314-505-7201 for more information or help with the application process.





3 responses to “Get Closer to Your DMin with Continuing Education”

  1. Stewart Schulz Avatar
    Stewart Schulz

    Will Dr. Voelz’s online class on Mark be available also for those NOT in a DMin program?

    1. Ruth McDonnell Avatar
      Ruth McDonnell

      Stewart Schulz, please contact Dr. Wally Becker directly at [email protected].

    2. Wally Becker Avatar

      Yes, the course can also be done as CE. Registration form available soon.

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