Call for Papers

2014 Theological SymposiumThe Theological Symposium committee invites proposals for open sectionals during the 25th Annual Theological Symposium, September 23-24, 2014, at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.

The title this year is “Faithful Witness to God’s Story in the World Around Us: Bringing a Unique Perspective to Our Common Human Experiences.”

Last year’s symposium explored the greater biblical narrative from creation to new creation for a fragmented world. This year’s symposium asks, “when we consider our Christian witness within the full shape of the biblical narrative, how does that shape our view of the world?” One way is that we begin to see all human beings—Christian and non-Christian—and all of creation, as characters in the story of God. In this story, faithful Christian witness shares struggles and joys in common with all people, yet also points to a unique hope for the fullness of life in Christ’s new creation. This symposium will explore how faithful Christian witness does both, in various ways, for all people, in every place.

Papers for open sectionals may be on the theme of the symposium or some other topic. Sectional presentations are 45 minutes long, allowing time for questions and discussion. A paragraph abstract should be submitted to Erika Bennett via email ([email protected]), or fax (314-505-7393). Deadline is August 15, 2014.





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