Why Stewardship Matters…

Center for StewardshipChristian stewardship is a vital and necessary part of every congregation’s mission and ministry. Concordia Seminary’s Center for Stewardship is involved in forming healthy stewards and establishing a healthy stewardship culture in congregations. Biblical stewardship resources and stewardship events are provided to teach, train, support, and encourage leaders in examining their own lives as God’s stewards and in leading congregations in intentional and comprehensive biblical stewardship education.

The Center for Stewardship assists congregations, pastors, and seminarians in understanding and living out what it means to be God’s stewards.


Christian stewardship is a discipleship issue that is involved in every area of ministry. Congregations continue to struggle with stewardship issues related to attendance, finances, and finding willing workers. Every congregation has a stewardship culture that impacts these issues. The Center for Stewardship provides instruction, resources and workshops to assist congregations in developing a healthy stewardship culture.


The pastor is the chief steward in the congregation. He leads, models, and teaches what it means to be God’s steward. Some pastors find it difficult to address the vital issues of stewardship because they think it is all about financial issues like budgets, buildings, and salaries. Christian stewardship has a much broader and deeper spiritual meaning. The Center for Stewardship provides training and resources for pastors to lead effectively in this necessary part of every congregation’s ministry.


Concordia Seminary’s major function is to prepare men for the holy ministry. An important aspect of this formation process is helping seminarians understand what it means to be a good steward of their own lives and what it means to serve and lead the congregation in this important area. The Center for Stewardship provides information and training to form seminarians as godly steward leaders.

Visit our website to find resources prepared by the Center for Stewardship, including a free sermon series written by Reed Lessing, with more to come. Or, contact me, Rev. Wayne Knolhoff, director of the Center for Stewardship, at [email protected] or 314-515-7170 for more information.





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