Symposium Sectionals: Going Deeper


Every year at our theological symposium, we not only hold several public lectures dedicated to the symposium theme (this year it is “Faithful Witness”), but we also invite several special sectional speakers. The 45-minute sectionals aim at fleshing out and deepening our consideration of the topics introduced in the plenaries. This year, as we explore the common places and spaces of human experience where witness to God’s goodness and grace happen, we are pleased to have the following sectionals:




Work & Rest

TOM EGGER: “The OT Sabbath: Creaturely, Catechetical and Christological Reflections”

Joy & Suffering

TIM SALESKA:  “The Shape of Human Flourishing and Suffering: What the Psalms Offer Us”
RICHARD EYER:  “God in Suffering”

Hostility & Hospitality

TONY COOK:  “Singles in America: Mixed Messages from Congregation and Culture”
MARK KOSCHMANN AND TED HOPKINS:  “Church Politics Reimagined: How a Church Community Learned to Embrace Urban Change and Love the City”
MARK KEMPFF:  “Marriage as Mirror of Family, Community, and Creation”

Many will be offered several times.  So … sign up early, sign up often!






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