Timothy Furnish lecture on ISIS/ISIL – October 23, 2014

Timothy Furnish

Timothy Furnish

UPDATE: This lecture will be LIVE STREAMED at http://www.csl.edu/live/. You can click on the link to set a reminder and view the lecture live at 4:15pm CDT on Thursday, October 23.

In the past two months, one can hardly turn on the television news without hearing about ISIS/ISIL and its impact upon geo-political issues and national security. But as a group that claims to represent the teachings of Islam, what is the theology—or more precisely—the eschatology that motivates its adherents and in the light of which they interpret world events and their role within those events?

On Thursday, October, 23, 2014, Dr. Timothy R. Furnish will give a public lecture at Concordia Seminary, entitled, “Fighting for the End of the (Christian) World: The Eschatology of ISIS/ISIL and Other Modern Muslim Groups in Light of Islamic History and Doctrines.”

Timothy R. Furnish holds as PhD in Islamic history from The Ohio State University, with a specialization in Mahdist (Islamic messianic) movements. He also earned an M.A.R. from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. He currently works as a writer, blogger and consultant to the US military and intelligence community. He is also a veteran of the US Army, both enlisted and commissioned.

This special public lecture is hosted by Concordia Seminary’s Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology (EIIT) and supported by the Waldemar and Mary Griesbach Chair in Systematic Theology.

The EIIT is the Seminary’s specialized program of theological education and formation for effective pastoral leadership within immigrant-based LCMS churches. Click here for more information about the EIIT program.

This free lecture is open to the public and will start at 4:15 p.m. in Werner Auditorium, on the grounds of Concordia Seminary, located at 801 Seminary Place, St. Louis, Missouri, 63105. A reception will follow.

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  1. Lee Rittenbach October 14, 2014

    Such a timely topic; will it be available in podcast or iTunes for those of us too distant to be locally on site for the live event?

  2. Joseph Byrd October 14, 2014

    will this be video recorded and made available on-line?

    would love to come but commute from CA is too much.

  3. David Hinz October 14, 2014

    A Request,
    Namely that this lecture be made available through I Tunes U.
    Thank you,
    David Hinz

  4. Pastor Gary Albert October 14, 2014

    Sounds very interesting. Will an audio recording of the lecture be available for those unable to attend?

    Thank you!

  5. Curt Adams October 14, 2014

    Will this be available via webcast or later on iTunes?

  6. Rev. Mark Ruppert October 14, 2014

    Will this lecture be streamed online for the public to access?
    I would like to see it if you could do this, but won’t be flying from Pittsburgh for the event.
    Mark R.

  7. Mark Spelzhausen October 15, 2014

    Would dearly love to hear your lecture, but many of us just can’t hop on a plane and be in St. Louis. Will this be available on the internet? Possibly through KFUO?? Mark

    • Donald Wolins January 23, 2016

      Pastor Mark
      Trying to reach you,re; Memorial/celebration for Almira Wolins
      I am the husband of Almira
      If you receive this,kindly call me at 910-793-3360

  8. Curt Cizek October 15, 2014

    Since I am out of the local area, I am wondering if this lecture will be posted online somewhere to be heard after the fact.

    • Brad Boyer October 16, 2014

      I’ll hop on the wagon here and ask for some form of audio/video record that we all can access later. Rights ok to save/forward/share with a group (e.g., adult class, Bible study, etc.)? … And, hey, Curt, a hearty hello to you!

  9. Travis Scholl October 15, 2014

    We just received permission from Dr. Furnish, so we WILL be recording the lecture and providing it online. We will not be able to stream it live, but you will be able to download it at iTunes U (http://itunes.csl.edu). Because of such high demand, we will also make it available here at https://concordiatheology.org.

    It promises to be an excellent lecture. So we’re glad technology will make it possible to share with a worldwide audience.

  10. Rev. Howard Shane October 15, 2014

    Is this going to be live streamed?

  11. Travis Scholl October 17, 2014

    Allow me to retract my earlier comment, because we WILL be live streaming the lecture. See the UPDATE at the top of the post for the link to the live stream page.

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