In Memoriam: “Tutor” Glen Zweck

GZOn November 5 of this year, Rev. Glen Zweck, longtime tutor at Westfield House in Cambridge, fell asleep in Christ Jesus. Tutor Zweck was a beloved teacher at the ELCE (Evangelical Lutheran Church of England) theological studies house from 1978 to 2007. Through his long tenure he left an indelible mark on the many Lutheran seminarians and students who sat at his table and enjoyed his lectures, his humor, and his hospitality (present author included). Read the delightful encomium on the Westfield House website.

Concordia Seminary and Westfield House have had a long relationship, with the beginnings of Westfield’s program of theological studies initiated in the 1950s by the work of Concordia professor Dr. William Arndt. Subsequent Westfield House preceptors also became seminary professors at Concordia—notably, Norman Nagel and Ronald Feuerhahn. Students from both LCMS seminaries continue to benefit from the overseas study program at Westfield.

As we remember Glen Zweck, we continue to give thanks to God for His gift of faithful teachers to the church, looking forward to that great reuniting fellowship of the Last Day.  Bis dann, Tutor.





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