Conversations on the Lutheran Confessions

Winter 2015 CJOn Thursday, March 12, from 3:30-5:00pm, Concordia Seminary will host in the Presidents Room a special Conversation on the Lutheran Confessions. It is offered in conjunction with two publications that have recently appeared dealing with the Lutheran Confessions.

First, the Winter issue of the Concordia Journal (in the mail this week) addresses issues related to confessional subscription in the twenty-first century. It contains articles from our department of systematic theology, including David Maxwell on the Nicene Creed, Robert Kolb and myself on the Confessions themselves, and Joel Okamoto on confessionalism today.

Second, the long-awaited new critical edition of the Lutheran Confessions has finally made its appearance. Entitled Die Bekenntnisschriften der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche-Vollständige Neuedition, it is edited by Irene Dingel and published by Vandehoeck and Ruprecht Academic Press. Our own Robert Kolb served as editor for the Small and Large Catechism, and was the first American scholar to participate in such a project. In addition to the volume containing the Book of Concord, two additional volumes on source materials are published as companions. Volume 1 provides critical materials for the creeds through the catechisms of Luther. Volume 2 is devoted to the source materials of the Formula of Concord.

After Dr. Kolb shares with us some thoughts on the new critical edition of the Confessions, the faculty will talk about the value of the confessions for us today and open it up for a general discussion! You are invited to join us in person or via video podcast at





5 responses to “Conversations on the Lutheran Confessions”

  1. Christopher C. Browne Avatar
    Christopher C. Browne

    By “podcast” (in the final sentence) I am supposing that a recording of the discussion will be made available a day or two afterwards?

  2. Travis Scholl Avatar
    Travis Scholl

    Yes, that is the plan at this point. If there is enough interest, we may look into live streaming the event, but we could run into technological limitations with the President’s Room.

    1. Marc Kappel Avatar

      Thanks Travis that will really be great to get the benefit of the discussion apart from attending

  3. Guilaume Avatar

    So the video podcast is not being broadcast live tomorrow?

  4. Christopher C. Browne Avatar
    Christopher C. Browne

    I cannot find the podcast! Please post a reply or e-mail a link to me? Thanks!

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