Making the Case for Character

A Case for CharacterIn conjunction with his book A Case for Character, Joel Biermann has received a grant from the Kern Family Foundation to lead seminars related to Christian character formation in church and home, especially as it relates to congregational ministry. The grant covers all costs for travel and lodging. The concept and details for the seminar are outlined below. Anyone interested in hosting a seminar with Dr. Biermann is encouraged to contact him directly at

The Concept

In order to encourage Christian people and congregations to more fully consider and practice deliberate and intentional efforts to shape Christian character in individuals, a live half or full day seminar will be presented in local congregations. The needs and context of each congregation will dictate the length and exact format of the presentation, but the content will be based on the material found in A Case for Character written by the seminar’s presenter. The seminar will include theological foundations for the teaching of character, specific instruction on the processes in churches and homes necessary for the habituation of character, and the presentation of resources for further study and work regarding the shaping of character in home and parish.

The Format

Congregations and pastors are invited to host a seminar whether as an individual congregation, community, circuit, or district. In consultation with the presenter, the seminar will be scheduled and planned. Seminars could be arranged as a Saturday event, a weekend retreat, or an evening/morning event. Presentation time could vary from four hours to eight hours or more. The precise order of a seminar schedule would be quite flexible.

Financial Considerations

The grant from the Kern Family Foundation covers all costs associated with travel and lodging. The congregation hosting the seminar would be responsible only for local costs such as any food or refreshments served in connection with the seminar, or expenses associated with a facility. The host would also provide an honorarium as deemed appropriate.


Depending on Dr. Biermann’s availability, he should be able to conduct one or two seminars per quarter, or 6-12 in a year. To ask questions, schedule a seminar, or get more information, contact Dr. Biermann directly at

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