Stewardship Workshops Now Available

The Center for StewardshipCenter for Stewardship at Concordia Seminary now has two workshops available for congregational and/or circuit use. These workshops, titled “Growing as God’s Steward” and “Best Practices in Congregational Stewardship,” help participants examine stewardship biblically and assist congregations in developing action plans for a comprehensive stewardship education process.


Churches are facing significant issues related to attendance, willing workers, financial support, and other factors that in some cases challenge a congregation’s very existence. One reason congregations struggle in these areas is a lack of understanding of what it means to be God’s steward and what the Bible has to say about how we manage everything God has entrusted to our care. These workshops help individual members and congregations take practical steps in growing in this important aspect of life.


The first workshop is “Growing as God’s Steward.” This three-hour workshop examines the biblical foundation of stewardship, what it means to be a steward and not an owner, and helps individuals and congregations develop action plans to grow in generosity as God’s stewards.

The second workshop is “Best Practices in Congregational Stewardship.” This three-hour workshop focuses on the methods (both technical and adaptive) that congregations have found to be effective in forming generous stewards, teaching a biblical view of money, and encouraging intentional, systematic, year-round, whole-life stewardship education in the congregation.

Congregations and/or circuits can host a workshop and schedule it when it best meets their needs by contacting the Center for Stewardship Director, Rev. Wayne Knolhoff, at [email protected].

Financial Considerations

The local congregation or circuit will be responsible for the costs of the workshops.

For more details, please contact Rev. Wayne Knolhoff at [email protected].





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