“Return to the Text: Literary Criticism and Beyond”

Jim VoelzAs a special event at this year’s Theological Symposium, Dr. James Voelz will give the inaugural lecture for the Jack Dean Kingsbury Chair of New Testament Theology into which he will be installed on September 4.

Dr. Jack Kingsbury graduated from Concordia Seminary in 1959. He went on to teach biblical theology at Union Presbyterian Seminary, Richmond, Virginia, where he became one of the most prominent New Testament scholars in the world and an expert on Matthew and the other synoptic gospels. He was instrumental in shifting the focus of New Testament studies from source criticism to literary approaches. He served as the Doktorvater for Dr. Jeff Gibbs, served on the dissertation committee for Dr. Bruce Schuchard, and is long-time friend of Jim Voelz.

As Dr. Voelz has noted, “Jack Dean Kingsbury is among the few true giants in the field of New Testament studies, and he has been an inspiration to me personally for more than three decades.” Now as professor emeritus, Dr. Kingsbury has endowed a chair in New Testament studies in recognition of Concordia Seminary as perhaps the premier institution for solid, conservative biblical studies.

Join us on Tuesday evening (September 22) as Dr. Voelz, who himself has become the most influential New Testament scholar of our generation within the Missouri Synod, will give a public lecture in which he presents a paper entitled, “Return to the Text: Literary Criticism and Beyond.” The lecture will held at 7:30 p.m. in Werner Auditorium.

Go to www.csl.edu/symposium2015 for more information on this year’s Theological Symposium.

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  1. John Kah August 27, 2015

    Great to see Dr. Voelz. I have lost touch with him, presume he is no longer on the CTS faculty, at least not listed on your web site. I am a CTS 1980 grad serving my final four years of full time ministry in Northern CA. I would love to email the good Dr. to re-connect after all these years – – is his email available?
    John Kah

  2. Christopher C. Browne September 4, 2015

    Will this event be streamed live or recorded and available vis the internet?

    • Travis Scholl September 5, 2015

      Yes, this event will be live streamed.

  3. Ginny Valleau September 23, 2015

    Is the lecture archived? Where?


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