“In Remembrance of Me: Memory and the Life of Faith” – The 2015 Theological Symposium

“In Remembrance of Me: Memory and the Life of Faith”2015 Symposium was the theme for Concordia Seminary’s 2015 Theological Symposium. The Symposium brought together scientists, researchers, and theologians to explore what is being learned about memory and its role in the life of faith, how it fosters community, and what it means for ministry, preaching, and pastoral care. As Professor Joel Okamoto stated in his opening remarks, “Memory is more than we think.”

Below are the videos of the first-day plenary presentations by cognitive psychologist Dr. Steve Joordens (University of Toronto) and sociolinguist Dr. Charlotte Linde (NASA). The second-day sectionals spent time exploring the implications of current scientific and sociological research about memory for theology, mission, and ministry. Three of the sectional essays by Paul Raabe, Mark Seifrid, and Mark Rockenbach are published in the Spring 2016 Concordia Journal.

Steve Joordens, “Brain, Memory & Mind: The Neural Structures That Allow Us to Remember”


Steve Joordens, “You Are What You Remember”


Charlotte Linde, “The Communal Dimension of Memory Formation and Retention”





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