ICYMI: An Atheist Likes Learning about the Reformation

Tonight, the feature-length documentary produced by Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, “500: The Impact of the Reformation Today” premieres at the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase. That’s no small feat, since the Cinema St. Louis jury screens and selects the 15 films with local ties from a host of entries.

Here is Prof. Erik Herrmann, who worked as executive producer on the film, talking about it in a recent interview on Fox 2 News:

Not to be outdone, local movie critic Mark Longden wrote up a positive independent review of the film, even admitting that

“…strong praise can be given to ‘500’ in that it held the interest of me and my wife – me, a devout atheist, my wife, Jewish.”

More proof that the Reformation isn’t just for Lutherans.

You can watch special segments of the documentary at reformation500.csl.edu, split up into topics that make it ideal for group study and discussion.

Special thanks to Concordia Seminary’s in-house director, Dale Ward, who spent four years working on the film, and all the world-class scholars, both on faculty here and throughout the globe, who shared their expertise on camera.





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