Word and Work: A Day in the Parish Life

Join us on today’s episode of Word and Work: An Intersection, as we listen and learn from Dr. Reed Lessing, former professor at Concordia Seminary and current senior pastor of St. Michael Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, IN. Having always had a heart for the parish, Lessing discusses the transition from seminary to congregational life. He shares what a typical day is in his ministry, as well as the routines that have become so important to him. Tune in, and you’ll also get some insight into the upcoming Pre-Lenten Workshop being held here on campus, featuring the book of Exodus!

Dr. Lessing’s Lenten sermon series on Exodus can be purchased at the Seminary’s online store.

This particular episode is available only in an audio version, which can be heard or downloaded at the Word and Work Scholar page.

Word and Work: An Intersection is a video and audio program providing a behind-the-scenes look at ministry where everyday life and God’s Word meet. It is broadcast on KFUO Radio every Thursday at 2:00 pm CT.






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