ICYMI: Chanting Luke’s Passion

Every year now, for nearly 20 years, I have chanted one of the Synoptic passion narratives in our chapel service for the Monday of Holy Week. I have also received requests from pastors every year for a copy of my notation of the text, remembering it chanted when they were here as students.  I’m always happy to respond and share–it gives me a glimpse of what continues to happen in congregational liturgical life around the country. I’ve posted downloadable music for all the Synoptic accounts on concordiatheology.org, so if you are interested here is the Passion according to Luke, the designated Gospel for this year in the three-year lectionary. The text is designated as the lection for Passion Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week, though I have heard a variety of uses of the chanted form throughout Holy Week. In any event, may your Lenten preparation and devotion be blessed by the presence of Jesus, the Just One, who died, who lives, who reigns forever!





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