Book Blurbs: Burreson & Hoeltke, Death, Heaven, Resurrection, and the New Creation

Erik Herrmann chats with Kent Burreson and Beth Hoeltke about their new six-session Bible study, Death, Heaven, Resurrection, and the New Creation, from Concordia Publishing House (CPH). Burreson is dean of chapel and the Louis A. Fincke and Ann B. Shine Professor of Systematic Theology and Hoeltke is the director of the Graduate School. Their study helps readers understand the nature of death, as well as how to facilitate the experience of death from a biblical perspective. It also considers Christ’s lordship over death through his resurrection, our participation through baptism in his resurrection, and the nature of heaven and the new creation which the Father will establish in Christ when he returns.

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  1. Ryan Roehrig Avatar
    Ryan Roehrig

    This book is so critical as an alumni this is a critical teaching that I am so thankful to have received in my time there. I hope that our Synod can walk through this with our members and see how even in our death we can proclaim the message of salvation promised to us! Thank you for providing this and look forward to the Bible Study on burial!

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