Dealing with Stress and Worry

Editor’s note: Concordia Seminary Professor Rick Marrs recently posted the following on Facebook. During these difficult days, we thought it was worth sharing more broadly.

Lutheran Hour Ministries and I did a program called “Stress and Worry in the Life of a Christian” a few years ago (thank you, coauthor Jessica Bordeleau). During these difficult days of COVID19 stress, I thought it might be helpful to some of you out there. The Bonus Activity at the end is a scripture-based devotional meditation I’ve been using and training people to use for years. You can find the program at

I also have a chapter about Christian devotional meditation in my book Making Christian Counseling More Christ Centered (WestBow Press, 2019) as well as other ideas from Luther about the care of our souls through trying times.

Direct links:

“Stress and Worry in the Life of a Christian”:

Making Christian Counseling More Christ Centered:





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