God’s Greater Story: A Sermon Series on Romans 6-14

Editor’s note: every three years (year A of the three-year lectionary), the Pentecost season invites us into an extended series of readings in Paul’s letter to the Romans (Propers 6-19). In 2014, David Schmitt, Concordia Seminary’s Gregg H. Benidt Memorial Professor in Homiletics and Literature, developed a sermon series based on those readings: “God’s Greater Story: A Sermon Series on Romans 6-14.” This year, in these challenging times, we offer it here as a free download. View and/or download the document below. Through the centuries, Paul’s letter to the Romans has lifted up the church in the most difficult of times. Perhaps then it is no coincidence that the church will read Paul’s words together in 2020, a year like no other. Please note: there is no sermon for the lectionary’s first reading from Romans (Proper 6); the series starts with Proper 7 (in this case, June 21, 2020).

Copyright © 2014, David R. Schmitt. All rights reserved. Permission granted for congregational use only. Any other reproduction or redistribution requires written permission from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.






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  1. Rev Eric Steward Avatar
    Rev Eric Steward

    When I click on the link to download the sermon series it says it cannot be found. How can I get a copy of this

    1. Editor Avatar

      Thank you, Rev. Steward, for bring this to our attention. The link has been restored.

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