Prof Insights: Chad Lakies

Dr. Chad Lakies invites the public to his online workshop, “The Church’s Witness in a Secular Age.” The workshop, part of Concordia Seminary’s Prof Insights: Faculty-Led Workshop Series, will be held July 6-8. Registration is $100. The registration deadline is June 21. “The Christian church (in the United States) is now a minority … leading some to say for that the first time we are officially living in a pagan nation,” Lakies said. “How did we go from a time, say 500 years ago just as the Reformation was getting underway and Christian belief was virtually all there was, to a time when the Christian faith is merely one option among a myriad of others?”

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The Prof Insights: Faculty-Led Workshop Series offers in-depth study on contemporary topics that influence the practice of ministry and worship. Bringing the Seminary to you, members of Concordia Seminary’s faculty and other scholars are hosting workshops May through August at various locations nationwide and live online. The workshops are for pastors, church workers and laypeople. Formerly known as the Summer Workshop Series, the 2021 workshops cover topics including the Old Testament, Christian witness, Baptism, burial and the early church, among many others.

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