2023 Pre-Lenten Workshop Videos

In January 2023, Dr. David Maxwell, Chairman of the Department of Systematic Theology, led Concordia Seminary’s annual Pre-Lenten Workshop on his new sermon series, “Honest Repentance”. These sermons are designed to be preached during mid-week Lenten services before Holy Week. The recordings of the workshops are shared within this post.

According to Dr Maxwell, “Repentance starts with being honest before God and ourselves about who we are.  When it comes to sin, everyone has a natural impulse to hide, but repentance means finding the courage to be honest.  It also means having faith in the promise of forgiveness.”  In his series of six doctrinal sermons, Dr. Maxwell explores the nature of repentance.

The video recordings of the live online sessions are available to view below.

The sermon series is available at our online store: https://store.csl.edu/product/honest-repentance/

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4







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  1. Josh Schmidt Avatar

    Hello! I love the ideas for this series. I’m probably going to use them in 2024. Are there any banners/intro videos/graphics available to go with the series? (None came with the pdf I downloaded)

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