11th Sunday After Pentecost

Spark your thoughts for August 13, 2023!

Welcome to Lectionary Kick-start! Each week Jessica Bordeleau hosts professors of homiletics Dr. Peter Nafzger and Dr. David Schmitt in a discussion about the lectionary texts for the upcoming Sunday. The texts for August 13, the 11th Sunday after Pentecost are Job 38:4-18, Romans 10:5-17, and Matthew 14:22-33. Tune in to find out which texts they chose for their sermons.

Each Monday a new episode drops here and will be available across all major podcast platforms and on CSL Scholar. Check it out!





2 responses to “11th Sunday After Pentecost”

  1. Rebecca Epple Avatar
    Rebecca Epple

    Hello, are any of these close captioned or in sign language for deaf Christians?
    Thank you.

    1. Editor Avatar

      Thank you for your message! We’re glad to hear that you are interested in more ways to interact with Lectionary Kick-start. At this point we don’t have those services available, but now that you’ve raised the question we will look into it.

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