Artificial Intelligence and the Church – Dr. David Maxwell and Dr. Joel Okamoto

“Tangible: Theology Learned and Lived” explores the ways in which theology permeates all aspects of life. Through conversations with our faculty, we will challenge you to deepen your theology and live out your faith in Christ. We’ll talk with a variety of professors on a variety of topics – something different in every episode, but all pointing to the intersection between faith and daily life. It’s tangible: theology learned and lived.

How do recent technological advancements in artificial intelligence and GPT4 impact the church? In our third episode “Artificial Intelligence and the Church”, professors of systematic theology, Dr. David Maxwell and Dr. Joel Okamoto, discuss artificial intelligence and what it means to be human. According to Dr. David Maxwell “The theological implication is that if AI starts acting human, we’re going to think of it as human.”  Join the conversation to hear more!





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