“Tangible” with guest Dr. Dale Meyer

Welcome to Tangible: Theology Learned and Lived

Tangible: Theology Learned and Lived is our new podcast that explores the ways in which theology permeates all aspects of life. Through conversations with the faculty at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, we will challenge you to deepen your theology and live out your faith in Christ. We’ll talk with a variety of professors on a variety of topics – something different in every episode, but all pointing to the intersection between faith and daily life. It’s tangible: theology learned and lived.

In our first episode guests President Emeritus Dr. Dale A. Meyer and Professor of Practical Theology Dr. David Schmitt begin by discussing the symbolism in the new artwork in the chapel on campus at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. To hear Meyer’s sermon on the topic, visit scholar.csl.edu/cs2223/133/.

To see pictures and videos of the stained glass windows described in this episode, visit csl.edu/chapel-stained-glass.

The conversation takes a fascinating turn when Meyer asks, “Where is Jesus now? If we don’t emphasize what Christ is doing now … you create a vacuum, and a number of things happen in the vacuum …” Tune in to hear more!





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