Fire in the Windows – Dr. Thomas J. Egger and Dr. Peter Nafzger

“Tangible: Theology Learned and Lived” explores the ways in which theology permeates all aspects of life. Through conversations with our faculty, we will challenge you to deepen your theology and live out your faith in Christ. We’ll talk with a variety of professors on a variety of topics – something different in every episode, but all pointing to the intersection between faith and daily life. It’s tangible: theology learned and lived.

“Fire in the Windows”

In this episode, Dr. Thomas J. Egger, president of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis and Dr. Peter Nafzger, professor of homiletics, explore the theological themes represented in the new stained-glass windows in the chapel on campus at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. “We have this really dramatic visual presentation of what it looks like when Jesus rises from the dead. It looks like this swirling phoenix fire and he’s standing in triumph over this great inferno!” says Egger.

The Chapel of St Timothy and St Titus recently had a complete artistic renovation with all new stained-glass windows. You can see all the windows online. You can see pictures, a virtual tour, and a video. You don’t need to see the windows to appreciate his descriptions in this conversation, but we encourage you to take a look!  Egger also preached a chapel sermon on the topic.

This very devotional conversation explores one way in which theology becomes tangible though art.

Jessica Bordeleau, Dr. Thomas Egger – photo credit: Tyler Simmons





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